Leaving a gift in your Will

Leave a gift to BASIC in your Will. 

We believe that people from all walks of life should access to quality rehabilitation programmes after suffering from life changing brain and spinal injury. 

Any gift left in your Will to BASIC will help us fund out charitable projects and help improve the lives of families and service users for years to come. 

Who We are 

Basic was set up in 1986 with the aim to help integrate people who have suffered from brain injuries back into normal day-to-day life. This is still true today. 

Recovering from brain injury can take several years and people are often left to deal with the difficulties of rehabilitation at home. 

BASIC provides specialist rehabilitation programmes for a rang of brain and spinal injuries from serious head trauma, amputees and stroke. 

We have already accomplished so much, yet there is still so much more we can do and we need your help. 

Why make a Will? 

A Will is a personal item that outlines your final wishes on earth, giving you the peace of mind that your last requests will be carried out. It ensures that your loves ones are provided for and gives the opportunity to support the causes that you have loved throughout your life. 

How to make a Will? 

  1. Workout the value of your estate. Make a list of assets, liabilities and work out how much it is all worth. 
  2. Decide who will get what. This could be friends and family, causes that you have supported that are important to you. Write down the names and addresses of each benefactor and decide what gift you will leave them. 
  3. Choose your executor (who will carry out the instructions of your Will and administer you estate). 
  4. Solicitors and Witnesses. We recommend that you use a solicitor to help with your Will, especially if you have a large family or complex estate. 
  5. Keep your Will safe. Tell you executors where it is registered. 

More Information

We would be more than happy to post one out to you. To request your guide contact the fundraising team by:


Fundraising Team 

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre 

554 Eccles New Road 


Greater Manchester 

M5 5AP 




0161 707 6441 

For further information on how to make a Will visit: https://www.gov.co.uk/make-will/overview