Cognitive support

The following is a summary of our cognitive support services. If you think we can help you or someone you know with cognitive difficulties, please phone BASIC on 0161 707 6441 or email Tara or Sandra at


Memory Workshops

"Many people with brain injury or neurological conditions have cognitive problems linked with damage to memory, attention and concentration and general thinking skills including sequencing, planning and organisation. These three common problem areas, which are often linked, are the biggest barriers to doing so many things in life and are addressed by Memory Workshops."

Mary Todd, BASIC Cognitive Rehabilitation Manager & Memory Workshops

Aims of these popular workshops, include:

  • To teach compensatory strategies to help people manage their cognitive problems better in everyday life.
  • To build confidence in dealing with cognitive problems.
  • To increase social skills.
  • To provide an enriched and stimulating environment to enhance thinking and help motivation.
  • To encourage socialisation with others and the exchange of ideas on managing cognitive problems.

“The memory workshop has been one of the most important things in helping me become confident and independent since my road traffic accident. It is a ‘safe place’ for me. The support from everyone involved is incredible and most appreciated.”

Client quote 2015



Captain's Log one-to-one brain training

Many clients benefit from BASIC’s unique computerised mental gym called Captain’s Log. It provides over 1000 hours of powerful, fun, game-like exercises to stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for cognitive abilities including attention, impulse, control, memory, conceptual reasoning, visual and auditory processing, and more.

Clients interested in undertaking the training are assessed and, if suitable, will then have a programme designed specially for them to target their particular area of weakness in cognitive skills.

Courses normally last for twenty sessions, and the idea is to make the most of people’s abilities through practice and exercise. It is very motivating to see the improvement, but hard work, and people need to be committed to stay the course in order to get results, just like working out in an ordinary gym.

"This (Captain's Log brain training) course has definitely helped me with my thought processing. The ability to react more quickly through practice has been very satisfying. The course has definitely helped me in my everyday life, especially problem solving. It has given me a lot more confidence in my abilities. My relationship with my tutor has really helped me she was fantastic and a real blessing. The sessions were enjoyable and good fun. Thank you so much.”

       Client quote 2015


CAREN virtual reality sessions

Our new Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment system, or CAREN for short, enables patients with a disability to practice real life situations in a safe and controlled environment, leading to improved physical stamina, better cognitive skills, dual tasking and improved confidence. Read more

“The CAREN for me helps enormously with powers of concentration and thought processes…I think it’s terrific!”

Chris Eaton, CAREN client

If you think we can help you or someone you know with cognitive difficulties, please phone BASIC on 0161 707 6441 or email Tara or Sandra at