Back to work

Return to Work — Vocational Rehabilitation

Selected by the Department of Health to share best practice across the country

"We believe that by offering early intervention we can help people to achieve their potential, reduce isolation and promote re-employment."
Mary Todd, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

"I don't know what I'd do without BASIC. The hope is there to return to work and my confidence is improving all the time."
David Hampton

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Vocational assessment and counselling
    • Liaison with employers
    • Arranging and monitoring work placements
    • Negotiation of return to work with employers
    • Provision of brain injury education for employers & advice
    • Workplace job coaching
    • Mentoring, confidence building and travel training.
    • Support with job search, ie interviewing 

We are the first organisation selected by the Department of Health to share our model of brain injury vocational rehabilitation with commissioners across England. Read more here voc rehab modelreport.pdf.

 Please ring BASIC on 0161 707 6441 or email our Vocational Consultants Phil Johnson or Mary Todd.