Ann Brehaut

Ann Brehaut -

Ann Brehaut

Aromatherapist, BodyBASIC Assistant & CAREN trained

How long you have worked at BASIC:        since 2000

What you do: My role is to work on an individual basis with clients providing massage and reflexology using essential oils.

My role in the gym is to provide information, support and encourage clients, overseeing the use of the gym equipment.

My work is very rewarding as I see people improve in confidence and to see a smile on someone’s face instead of a frown.

Qualifications:  Clinical Aromatherapy. I.S.P.A

Anatomy and Physiology Diploma.

International Beauty Therapist.

Sports Therapy

Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists

Certificate of Completion – Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment training

Interests outside of work: Enjoying gentle walks in the countryside, reading, meditation, spending time with family and friends. I love visiting cathedrals and places of historical interest.

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