About the brain

About the brain

The brain is the control centre of all of the body's functions. It is part of the central nervous system, the most highly developed  and important system of the body.

It is the centre which controls the body's functions, such as movement, speech, memory, thought etc.

The brain also helps us to identify feelings and emotions which make up our personalities. Because of this it needs good protection and oxygen.

If damaged it requires highly specialised help, which is where we come in at BASIC.

We are passionate about helping those recovering from acquired brain injury such as stroke, head injury, brain haemorrhage, brain tumour and other neurological conditions like MS., offering rehabilitation, support for carers and families and by raising awareness of the devastating effects it can have.

Our services range from brain injury education, stress management, confidence building, family/relationship support, CBT & counselling, basic skills training, to a back-to-work programme and state-of-the-art power assisted gym.

Serious problems like memory loss and damage to thought processes mean many of our clients have a 'hidden disability' that can threaten their family unit, friendship circle and employment, the very things that make life worth living. It is not surprising that brain injury survivors are more likely to attempt suicide than those without head injury. Feelings of isolation and depression are very common and we work to re-integrate our clients back into society. A program of holistic service means that BASIC makes a real & lasting difference to quality of life after traumatic brain injury.

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